Thank you for visiting my website.

You will find here a catalogue of my music with full details including a brief description of each piece, instrumentation, duration and price.
I am an experienced oboist, composer, conductor and teacher. Much of my music is for wind instruments but I have worked in many other mediums too, producing music for a whole range of combinations from children’s musicals to full symphonic works.

Website Introduction

In this catalogue of my music you will find compositions of all kinds from educational pieces to works for professional performance. The first page of every piece on this website can be viewed by clicking on the title. On my previous site it was also possible to hear the music played, but Sibelius are phasing out the Scorch Plugin so that is currently not possible. I am told by Sibelius that new software is in development at the moment which will replace Scorch. When that is available I would hope to incorporate it into my website.

At the top-right of each page on the site is a form where you can subscribe to my site and download a tongue-in-cheek e-book which I wrote a while ago. It is a humorous look at my life in music mixed in with stories and anecdotes from others too. I will keep my subscribers updated with any new additions to my site and any items of interest which I encounter.

The works are categorised by type with one page given over to each category. If you have any queries please do email me HERE.