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Breathing Technique for Wind Players     

"Is playing your instrument wearing you out? "

"Is your embouchure getting frayed around the edges?"

"Are your high and low notes unreliable?"

"Are you finding your dynamic range limited?"

"Is your tone not quite what you would wish it to be?"

It may be time to check and overhaul your Breathing Technique

The fundamental technique of all wind playing, woodwind or brass, is breathing. As the breath activates the instrument, it is a fairly obvious statement to make that the way we take in and use the air is critical. Breathing technique underpins all other techniques. It is the bedrock on which wind playing is based.

A good breathing technique will give you excellent control of your instrument and make playing less stressful. Your embouchure will be more relaxed and flexible enabling good control of both intonation and dynamics throughout the full range of the instrument. Your tone will be clear and accurate. A poor breathing technique will have the opposite effect; - a thin tone, poor intonation (especially at the extremes of your instrumental range) and limited dynamic variation. Your embouchure will be forced to work much harder than it should making playing tiring and stressful. To put it very simply, - if your breathing technique is poor - your playing will be poor!

Whether you are a young player and new to wind playing, an established amateur player or a seasoned professional, a full understanding of how and why breathing works is essential both in theory and in practice. In this e-book all aspects of breathing technique are explored, with a thorough explanation of why it is so important and how it should be applied. There is a comprehensive section of exercises to acquire, improve and/or perfect this crucial technique. Price: 9.97


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